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Rethinking Your Wallpaper and Curtains

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

While wallpaper and curtains can be a way to express your unique personality, when it comes to staging your home in Denver, it's can often be a deterrent for some home buyers.

This blog will talk about the dos and don't when it comes to wall paper and curtains!

An image of colorful pink and green wallpaper that was hung by our Denver home staging company.

I love modern wallpaper. I’ve seen so many ways that designers have transformed rooms using trendy wall covers that add a very personal touch to rooms. When it comes to wallpaper, however, it’s a very permanent and personal touch that screams how unique of a person you are. Home staging is all visual marketing. We want to create demand for your home and not try to find the rare person who also loves the floral patterned pink wallpaper that you also admire. We went to create demand for your home and a competitive buying market for your particular home. Therefor, for your home I always recommend removing wallpaper from the home. Although your wallpaper might be top-of-the line and custom for your home, most buyers are not going to appreciate your creative taste. That also includes drapes too. You may love a bright vivid striped pattern in your drapes, but it’s rare to find a buyer that will love it just as much. My recommendation is always NOT to take a risk that you’ll find that gem of a buyer that loves your taste in design, especially when thousands of dollars in equity are on the line.

Now, let’s visit some misconceptions and myths about wallpaper and window coverings.

My taste in wallpaper / curtains is flawless, so buyers will think so too

As I mentioned, wallpaper and patterned curtains can add a unique flavor to your home. They can be great conversation starters or they can also tell a story about the people who live in the home. I truly believe that when you live in your house, you should make it completely personalized to your taste. However, decorating your home is NOT the same as staging your home to attract buyers. Remember, staging is marketing your most valuable asset - your home. We want to help you earn top dollar and attract several competing buyers. The more personalized your house is (for your tastes) studies have found a decrease in the value you’ll get from buyers. Keeping the space neutral and less personalized is key!

A picture of curtains and a plant that was created by our home stagers in Denver.

Expensive curtains and custom wallpaper coverings add value to the home.

Sorry, I hate to break it to you, but this is completely false. Even if you bought the most expensive curtains and wall coverings, the value of your home is based on a couple of things - the size of your home and similar homes in your neighborhood. Decorative items, like wallpaper and curtains do not change the value of the home. It’s important to note that your unique wallpaper and curtains could decrease the attractiveness from other buyers and increase the time it sits on the market waiting to be sold. Both are some things you definitely don’t want in the sales process.

The buyers will see past my decor and visualize the space for themselves.

Not everyone is equipped with the ability to visualize spaces. It’s additionally hard when they are asked to look past flaws or personalized decor. Also, buyers now tend to want houses that are turn-key, as in move-in-ready homes so they don’t have to put in additional investments into the property. When your home is filled with distraction (like wallpaper and curtains), the buyer can only focus on flaws and think about how much time and money it will take to make it their own.

I’ll list my home first and see what potential buyers really say about it.

As a home staging expert, I can assure you that this isn’t the best tactic. When a home is first listed on the market, there’s a sense of excitement. The listing just went up and buyers are ready to look! Imagine to their surprise when they see the listing photos to find that it doesn’t quite look like the neutral home they had envisioned. Now, you have several potential buyers who were completely turned off instead of eagerly anticipating viewing your property. Don’t limit your buyer pool and risk it sitting on the market for too long!

Do you have more questions about window coverings and wallpaper? Please reach out to us for more home staging tips and advice in Denver!

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