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Meet Lindy

Certified Home Staging and Interior Design Expert in Denver, CO

Lindy Curtis has been in love with real estate and interior design for as long as she can remember. When she was five years old she turned to her Mom while walking through a neighborhood of old homes and said, “Is there a job where you can fix up old houses?” She knew at a young age that she wanted nothing more than to help people make their homes beautiful.

When she was eight years old, Lindy’s Dad built her an extravagant playhouse designed after the houses he saw when he lived in Germany. It looked like a little German chateau complete with a loft. Lindy spent much of her young years playing in that house, designing it and constantly rearranging her play furniture to make it “perfect”.


Lindy’s love of real estate extended into her adulthood. She bought her very first house when she was 23 and also became fully employed in the world of real estate where she learned about investing, marketing, and learning what it takes to sell a home.

Nearly 20 years later. Lindy has made a name for herself in the real estate industry where she’s held prior roles in sales, management and marketing. It was through these jobs that she learned the psychology behind the buyer and how home staging fits into that.

Lindy also believes in sustainable design and creating a conscious holistic home. Her design approach is using handcrafted natural materials as much as possible in design. This includes natural linens, handmade rugs, handcrafted pottery, plants, and other sustainable materials for an optimal healthy living environment. She also enjoys incorporating Feng Shui principles into her design to create a home that feels like a sanctuary.

Lindy currently resides in Denver with her husband Ryan and their dog Franny. Lindy’s love for design permeates every aspect of her life, whether that’s in gardening, home decorating, home staging, and cooking - she does everything with passion for making life immensely beautiful. Her favorite thing to say is, “your outside world should be a direct reflection of your inside world.”

Want to chat with Lindy? Send her an email or text her to schedule a consultation!

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