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Home Staging Props in Denver That I Love

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

In this article we'll discuss home staging props that I use often with my clients in the Denver area!

A beautiful bedroom that was designed by a home stager in Denver, CO.

Some of the items below might feel out of your budget, but remember, how the buyer interprets your space is everything. You don’t want it to feel as if money is an issue. A buyer’s interpretation of your financial means will actually influence the purchase price of your home.

Because of this, I try to invest in props that will “wow” the buyer and make them imagine that they could feel just as wealthy, comfortable, and luxurious in your home too.

Here are several staging tips for your home and how I place props to give it that luxurious feel!

Carefully curated props help give your home a luxurious feel giving the impression of wealth and also comfort.

Plump Pillows

While I don’t go overboard on pillows when I’m staging a home, they are essential to layer into a room’s decor and design. They are the perfect decor piece that can add some texture and color, while tying a room together.

When you’re looking for the right pillow, choose colors that flow seamlessly into the color scheme. You can add fun color, textures, and details, but it should fit in to the rest of the design of that space.

Make sure and avoid pillows that have quotes, sayings, or words on them. Also, make sure that the pillows look comfortable. They shouldn’t be too plump and the sizing should be appropriate for the furniture they are sitting on. Remember, don’t go overboard on the pillows either!

Large Abstract Landscape Artwork

I really love to add statement art pieces a focal point of a room. It’s the perfect addition to draw someone’s eye to a fireplace or a large blank wall. Although these pieces of artwork are a tad bit pricier than other home staging props, they do pack a punch! A landscape painting with neutral colors or one bright bold color that are more on the abstract side can open up a room. It could be a beach scene, a forest, a city scape, mountain or rural scene to make a statement. Make sure to try and match the rest of the mood of the home. For example, if you’re staging a mountain retreat, an abstract or photograph of a forest is a perfect way to add ambiance.

I tend to shop for these items on Etsy where you can find paintings or even a more budget friendly print option. You’ll just need to find a perfect frame for it.

Glass Bowls of Fruit

When I’m staging a home for my Denver clients, I love to add pops of color. Fresh fruit (or fake fruit) in a glass bowl is one way that I accomplish that. I often add these vases as a centerpiece in a dining room, in a breakfast nook, or on a kitchen counter. Bringing in an element of nature as a bit of interest to a space. It also gives people a little peak into what their home might look like with fresh fruit on the kitchen counter to enjoy when they move in.

My favorite fruits to use when staging a home are lemons, limes oranges and bright red apples. Grapefruits can also be a nice touch depending on the color scheme you are using.

You can purchase fake fruit at most crafting store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I also like to purchase glass vases at discount stores like TJ Maxx or Home Goods.

New Plush Towels

When staging a bathroom, I always recommend to have fresh brand new fluffy towels on display. They are the perfect accessory for dressing up a bathroom and making it feel more welcoming. Towels age and fade so quickly, so you want to make sure they aren’t towels that are used or will get used. These towels will be for display only and not every day use.

I always suggest white towels, to make the bathroom feel very spa-like. If you’re bathroom is all white, then I would use an alternative color


If a client has a large book shelf, or even when I need to create an interesting vignette, I use books as an accessory. There is a key to staging with books. You don’t just want to pull a set of random books, instead it needs to be color coordinated and very deliberately staged.

I tend to look for larger books and I also pull the jackets off of them. I love the texture and the looks of books without the glossy book covers. If I want a specific more color coordinated look, I’ll match the colors of the books together. If I find it difficult to find books within a color scheme, I’ll go out and buy scrapbook paper to cover the books. This also hides the book titles, so controversial topics can be hidden. Of course, you want to find hard covered books rather than paper books when it comes to staging. The best source of books are at library sales or even thrift stores. Make sure that the books don’t smell musty! That’s especially important with older aged books.

Oversized Matching Table Lamps

When home staging, there’s an element of order that goes into a room. Items are perfectly places and you can start to see patterns. Humans love patterns because it helps to create a sense of calm instead of chaos.

Surprisingly, a set of matching table lamps helps to create order and cohesiveness in a space. A pair of mismatched table lamps feels as if the room wasn’t completely thought out. I use oversized identical matching table lamps on bedroom nightstands, depending on the size of the room. I avoid this is super tiny bedrooms as it can feel overwhelming. The lamps should also be identically placed on each side, to give it that cohesiveness. I also use identical lamps in living areas on either side of a couch. Try to keep your lamps neutral or find ways to tie it into the color scheme and style of the room. Don’t get too wild with the shapes and colors!

Do you have more home staging questions, specifically about props? Feel free to contact me for many more home staging tips design tricks!

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