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The Importance of Tidy Closets

When we stage a home in Denver, we often express to our clients the importance of keeping a very tidy and preferably empty closet.

A well organized closet designed by our home stagers in Denver, CO.

You might be asking yourself why it's important to completely empty our your closet before putting your house on the market, even if it's impractical if you live there. The reason why you need to do this is because it is one of the transformations that will generate a HUGE return for you.

Home owners want to envision a home with unlimited storage space for all of their things. When you can make your closet look expansive (think bigger!), your home will be more appealing for those potential buyers.

Focus On The Primary Bedroom

The one area that you don't want to skimp on cleaning out, is the primary bedroom. This is the area that most home buyers will really focus in on, so you want to stage this area to look clean and spacious. Home buyers will spend a lot of time in this area and will most definitely be peaking in the closets to examine the space. So, it's wise to make sure that the closet is empty and not filled with clutter.

As a home stager in Denver, one of the first places I examine is the closets to make sure that they are either empty (if vacant) or that it's clear from clutter. The main reason I do this, is that organized closets give the impression that the home is well taken care. It's a psychological trick that home stagers have picked up on.

Tips to Organize Your Closets

  • Focus on the floor of your closet. Make sure to clear the floor completely of any items or clutter. This can instantly make the closet look bigger and more spacious.

  • Upgrade your closet with an organizer. Head to your local hardware store or order a closet organizer on Amazon. (We love this one.) Closet organizers tend to give homes more perceived value.

  • Get rid of items. Start organizing your closet by packing or donating many of the items you have not used in the past year or more. You can most likely pack three seasons worth of clothes in your wardrobe and put in storage.

  • Hide any dirty laundry or things that might distract a home buyer. Home buyers can be a bit nosy when they are in your personal space, so it's important to lock away anything that is either valuable or private.

Make Your Closet Look Spacious

Here's a few additional tips to make your closet look larger and more appealing for potential home buyers.

  • Get rid of all plastic and wire hangers and only use matching hangers. We like these!

  • Group like items together - shirts, pants, jackets, etc.

  • Arrange your clothing by color within each item category listed above.

  • Organize your shoes on shelves, a floor caddy, or in boxes.

  • Purchase beautiful wicker baskets to store misc. items like belts or accessories.

  • Fold up sweaters neatly on any shelves.

  • Hide any distracting articles of clothing - under garments especially!

Now that you've tackled your closet, feel free to view some of our other DIY home staging tips and tricks on our blog.

You can also reach out to us with any questions, we'd be happy to help!

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